About Us….

  • Chad Namanny is a Residential Specialty Plumber licensed in the state of Washington.  He runs the crew in the field, does all estimating, and is hand-on on all projects.  His cell is 360-931-8985 or he may be reached via email at chad.cowlitzplumbing@yahoo.com
  • Amber Namanny does all aspects of office.  You may contact her at 360-931-9768 or amber.cowitzplumbing@yahoo.com
  • Collin Namanny is the oldest of the two Namanny boys.  He works for the company during summer break and any other available time he has when he's not active in sports. 
  • Coby is the youngest of the two, and helps out occasionally.  His plan is to work for the company when he is old enough.  For now, he too stays busy with sports and school.